Don’t forget your fabric and upholstery cleaning!

Any fabric-covered surface in your office should be cleaned regularly to remove soil.
While many customers include monthly damp wiping of upholstered surfaces in their regular
Spickety Span Cleaning Services, additional cleaning is important to remove built-up soil, spots and stains.
Dust, dirt smudges, food stains and coffee splashes can make upholstered cubicle walls and office
chairs look dirty and worn.

Dries fast so furniture is ready for use
Damp upholstered chairs and furniture are a turn-off and may prevent you from doing business until they dry. For time-sensitive businesses — such as movie theaters that close after midnight and open by matinee time but need carpets and guest seats cleaned regularly, or hotel and conference areas with upholstered walls, chairs and carpeting to be cleaned before or after a big event — crystal encapsulation is preferred because it cleans effectively to remove dirt, is less disruptive than other commercial cleaning methods, and dries fast so furniture is ready when you re-open for business.
Don’t forget to clean fabric-covered walls!
Upholstered walls in conference centers, schools, hotels, banquet halls and other facilities need regular cleaning to remove splashes, spots and soil. In offices, fabric-covered cubical walls are often overlooked and can collect dust and allergens, in addition to splashes from coffee or soda cups, spots and stains from dirty fingers, and heavy traffic. Hot-water extraction, or steam cleaning, is a popular way to clean carpets and upholstered walls and fabric-covered office partitions. Schedule hot-water extraction once or twice a year to keep the upholstery in your facility clean and looking good.