Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Here at Spickety- Span Air Duct Cleaning we enjoy helping out our neighbors and clients. What we have found in our many years of business is that the majority of homeowners fail realize that having Spickety- Span Air Duct Cleaning cleaned out frequently is a very important and necessary job. The cleaning provided by our certified technicians can improve the indoor air quality of your home, minimize utility costs by improving the flow of air, extend the life and progress the efficiency of your HVAC system in Orange, and most importantly improve the health and welfare of you and your family.

Most people do not realize that the air inside your home is filled with way more pollutants than the air that blows outside of your home, pretty scary thought isn’t it? A few of the things that can be found living in your air ducts are: Pet hair & dander, Pollen, Carpet fibers, Bacteria, Fungi, and finally dust mites. The majority of homeowners do not think about their ducts because it is not something that’s seen every day and it’s easy to overlook their care. Air ducts and vents are very important pieces of your home if not the most important. Call us for air duct cleaning in Mobile, Al.

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The easiest way to explain the way your homes’ HVAC works is to know that it closely mimics your own respiratory system. The ducts just like your lungs become congested when filled with particles. However, once your air ducts are cleaned and free of debris, your system can breathe correctly. People who suffer from allergies can benefit greatly by reducing the amount of contaminants in the ductwork. Accurate and thorough cleaning is vital to keeping a healthy and happy home which is why you need us for Orange air duct/HVAC cleaning.

imagesGo ahead and compare Spickety- Span Air Duct Cleaning to the competition and you will find, as many have already, why we are California’s premier residential air duct cleaning company. Not only are the prices we offer lower than the other companies, but our staff is fully trained and ready whenever you need to call us. We always stand ready to help you with all of your Air Duct Dryer Vent HVAC cleaning needs.

Please do not forget about dryer vent cleaning in Mobile. Al – that is just as important if not more important than HVAC and Air Duct cleaning in your home. Lint that tends to build up in dryer vents is flammable; it only takes a spark to ignite the pieces. Simply cleaning the vent screen works for a while, but we can assure you that the screen does not grab nor hold all of the lint. Saving the lint after you remove it from your dryer is a good idea if you are an outdoorsmen, the lint is great at starting fires outside or being used as base kindle. Place the lint in a bag and put it away, if you ever need to start a fire, lint is the best igniter.