Make every day a premier show

A time-sensitive business, such as a movie theater, needs a reliable commercial cleaning service that can deliver a thorough, healthy clean during the hours when the business is closed for the night. Since most movie showings end around midnight and start again later the next morning, efficient and proper cleaning methods are important to ensure that glass is spotless, restrooms are clean, carpeted floors and furniture are free of spilled soda and popcorn, and ready for business.
Keep your restrooms clean
Not even the biggest blockbuster can make up for a filthy, smelly restroom. Your customers will rate their movie-going experience based on the cleanliness and smell of your restrooms. Be sure to cast a commercial cleaning service that understands the importance of a clean, odor-free restroom and its impact on your business.
Compete in a movie-goer market
Customers have a lot of choices when it comes to which theater they choose. Keep them coming back to your theater by providing a clean, fresh and healthy experience that allows them to enjoy what they came to see – from the front of house and concession areas, to your restrooms and movie seats.
Get more life from carpeting
Butter, salt, sodas, candy, sticky fingers and foot traffic can damage carpeting and upholstered movie seats. Any fabric-covered surface in your theater should be cleaned regularly to remove built-up soil, spots, stains and other messes. Low-moisture encapsulation cleans thoroughly and dries fast so carpets and seats are ready for use when your doors open for business.
Cleaning Movie Theaters and Cinemas
Movie cinemas and theaters need a professional commercial cleaning service that understands their daily time limitations, uses a detailed process and pays attention to quality assurance. One-size-fits all cleaning won’t work. Butter, salt, sodas, candy, sticky fingers, and foot traffic require constant cleaning of carpeting and upholstered movie seats to remove built-up soil, spots and stains. Thorough restroom cleaning and floor care help create a positive impression.
  • Attract customers and create a positive experience
  • Clean, odor-free restooms indicate a cleaner, healthier facility
  • Add Special Services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning