Shiny and clean – like the cars you sell

A clean, sparkling auto dealership showroom, offices, snack area and service department play a role in how customers view your business and the brands you sell. Everything needs to look shiny and new. Imagine shopping for a new (or new-to-you) vehicle at a dealership that doesn’t maintain its floors, windows or restrooms properly. A janitorial cleaning service with professional experience in cleaning car dealerships can help support your sales efforts. Thorough dusting and disinfecting, attention to glass cleaning, exceptional floor care and restroom cleaning and trash removal are top concerns. Spickety Span Cleaning Services will customize a cleaning schedule based on your dealership, business needs and budget to help create a positive image in the competitive car sales market.
Show off your showroom
Attract customers and create a positive customer experience with a cleaner facility that differentiates your car dealership from the competition. Dirty, smelly restrooms send customers away. Turn your showroom into a showcase with the help of a professional car dealership cleaning service.
Make a great impression
Marketing your business carries cost, especially in a highly competitive market such as the auto industry. Referrals for car sales and servicing are an essential and cost-effective marketing channel for gaining new business. The first time a referred customer visits your car dealership, make a great first impression with a cleaner, healthier building.


Run clean, not lean
Professional janitorial services are a necessary line item on your budget. In addition to regular cleaning services, car dealerships require Special Services such as floor buffing, strip and refinishing, and extra window cleaning. Customize your car dealership cleaning program to extend the look and life of your showroom floors and windows.

Cleaning Car Dealerships and Auto Showrooms

Auto Dealerships depend on the cleanliness of their showroom, offices and service areas to help impress customers as they make sales and operate a successful business. Frequent dusting and disinfecting, vacuuming, mopping, thorough restroom cleaning and trash removal are requirements of an auto dealership cleaning service. The cleaning needs of a car dealership include glass and window cleaning, exceptional floor care, and meticulous attention to detail, which are important services in the Spickety Span Cleaning Services Program.
  • Attract customers and create a positive buying experience
  • Clean, odor-free restrooms indicate a cleaner, healthier facility
  • Add Special Services such as floor care and window cleaning